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RTL Networks, Inc. Employees Support Metro Caring Denver’s Leading Food-Assistance Program

RTL Networks, Inc. Employees Support Metro Caring Denver’s Leading Food-Assistance Program

February 3, 2016, Denver [E-Release] – RTL Networks, Inc. (RTL) employees came together last Tuesday to spend time supporting services through Metro Caring, Denver’s leading food-assistance program. Metro Caring addresses hunger issues and guide families toward self-sufficiency. Metro Caring’s largest program, Healthy Foods Access, ensures that hungry families and individuals have nutritious food to meet their immediate need and avoid hunger in the short term while they work toward self-reliance. Instead of receiving a pre-packed or standard bag of groceries, families and individuals can shop for free at the Metro Caring Market.

The group worked with Megan Maes, Volunteer Resources Coordinator, to greet participants, shop with families in the Metro Caring Market, keep the warehouse organized and stocked, sort through donated food to make sure it was nutritious, healthy, and edible, and help participants pack and carry groceries to their cars or the bus. Metro Caring relies on the assistance of volunteers to accomplish its mission.

RTL is proud to support Metro-Caring and its services in our community. As a company we are committed to supporting the community where we live and work and organizations that provide the community with meaningful and effective services to the growing number of men, women, and children looking to improve their lives.

Individuals can join RTL in supporting Metro Caring by visiting www.metrocaring.org.



About RTL

RTL Networks advocates for corporate citizenship (the community participation of local businesses) and contributes locally and nationally to several areas and organizations. Our goal is to create a positive impact on the well-being of people in our community and beyond. RTL supports the volunteer service of our passionate and skilled teammates to promote our core values of Integrity, Commitment, Respect, and Diversity.

To learn more about RTL Networks, Inc. and our community involvement, please visit our website www.rtl-networks.com.


About Metro Caring

Metro Caring is Denver’s leading hunger-relief program, distributing approximately 2 million pounds of nutritious food to hungry families and individuals while also providing education and tools to help them improve their health and self-sufficiency. Situated in the heart of Denver, Metro Caring offers its participants a holistic approach to hunger relief, through programming focused on Healthy Foods Access, Nutrition and Gardening Education, Self-Sufficiency, and Community Health Services.
To learn more about Metro Caring please visit www.metrocaring.org