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Contract Vehicles

With RTL

For ease of procurement, RTL Networks makes use of contract vehicles that can simplify government acquisition to meet even the shortest deadline. RTL Networks’ extensive and growing list of available contract vehicles ensure our ability to meet the unique technology requirements for all of our customers.

A3 (Airborne Afloat Ashore) NIWIC PAC (N6600121D0087) IDIQ

GSA MAS (GS-35F-0517X Legacy Sched 70 ) IDIQ.

JWICS (STARS II, FA8773-17-F-0159)

RAPID WOLF MAC Pool 1 (N00421-19-R-0074) IDIQ

SeaPort NxG (N0017821D9319) IDIQ

SITE III RTL (HHM402-21-D-0122) IDIQ

CISCO Reseller