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2010 – RTL is recertified as Cisco Premier

2010 – RTL is recertified as Cisco Premier

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RTL Networks, Inc. is recertified as Cisco Premier

Denver, Colorado, February 17, 2010- RTL Networks, Inc. is proud to announce its re-certification as a Cisco Certified Premier Partner. Cisco limits recertification to Cisco Partners who have demonstrated superior service over the prior year. This superior service is evidenced and measured through customer surveys ranking the Partner’s performance. A large number of government agencies, including some of RTL Network’s largest clients, require their Cisco suppliers to be Cisco Certified Premier Partners.

“Becoming a Cisco Certified Premier Partner last year opened doors for RTL Networks, Inc. to further grow and develop its hardware reselling division. We also expanded the diversify our customer base and dramatically increased our revenues!”RICHARD LEWIS, PRESIDENT AND CEO OF RTL NETWORKS

This recertification has contributed to RTL Networks, Inc. becoming an even stronger and more formidable company and will assist RTL Networks, Inc. in continuing its exceptional growth.

Based in Denver, RTL Networks Inc. is a certified technology company, focused on helping customers leverage technology to meet business objectives. RTL Networks, Inc. delivers a full range of products and services focused on helping its Department of Defense, Federal government and commercial customers meet their business objectives, increase productivity and maximize performance and security of their operational assets.