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2010 – Colorado Companies Bridging Businesses And Capitol Hill

2010 – Colorado Companies Bridging Businesses And Capitol Hill

Colorado Companies Bridging Business and Capitol Hill

Denver, Colo., February 22, 2010- On February 2, 2010 a group of very concerned Colorado Business took the initiative to reach out the Colorado delegation, and other concerned businesses and hold a cocktail reception to discuss important issues facing the state. The reception was held in the very chic, Art and Soul Restaurant of the Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel, in Washington DC, and a major topic discussion was the considerable role small businesses play in stimulating economic growth for our state, by creating jobs and generating revenue.

The host committee, based out of Colorado included: Doc1 Solutions, OZ Architecture, Capitol Steps Consulting LLC, the American Facilities Maintenance Group, RTL Networks, and Kline Alvarado Veio, PC. The event was attended by the Honorable Michael F. Bennet of the United States Senate, U.S. Congresswoman, Diana DeGette, U.S. Congresswoman, Betsey Markey, U.S. Congressman, Ed Perlmutter, numerous high-ranking officials and staff from other members from our US Congress, The White House, various federal agencies and corporate America.

Brent Klein of Klein, Alvarado, Veio, P.C. stated that “the Colorado Companies Reception was a spectacular platform to bring together Colorado’s elected leaders with Colorado’s business leaders to discuss vital issues facing all Americans.” Klein, Alvarado, Veio, PC was one of the hosts from the event; along with Capitol Steps Consulting, Doc1 Solutions, OZ Architecture and RTL Networks.

In this private reception Colorado businesses honored delegates and facilitated a networking opportunity for both business and political leaders that have impacted the state of Colorado as well as the United States.

“We were very impressed with the responsiveness of both the Colorado legislative delegation and all of the other Coloradans working in DC in a variety of Federal positions, think all of the firms at the event felt heard.”ELAINE KANELOS, PRINCIPAL AT OZ ARCHITECTURE

“There was a genuine interest in finding creative ways to improve the state’s economy and create jobs and all seemed to understand that small business would continue to play a major role in both instances.”RICHARD LEWIS, PRESIDENT AND CEO OF RTL NETWORKS, INC.

A host of nearly 100 guests are still raving about the Colorado Business Cocktail Reception that celebrated the synergy between Capitol Hill and the Mile High City.

“This opportunity has been exceptional, Our one-on-one conversations really helped our firm gain a deeper understanding of how Colorado-based companies can be supported by our leadership in Washington and how we can provide support back.”KELLY DAVIS, OZ MANAGING PRINCIPAL

“This event was outstanding! The mix of enthusiasm, seriousness, and focus really made this a genuinely constructive event, Our firm left energized. We’re fortunate to have such an engaged Congressional delegation so sincere about helping Colorado Small Business.”NICK OLIVA, CAPITOL STEPS CONSULTING