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2008 – CEO Mentors 18-Year-Old Entrepreneur

2008 – CEO Mentors 18-Year-Old Entrepreneur


CEO Mentors 18-Year-Old Entrepreneur

Denver, Colo., May 27, 2008- Jessica Rowell, creator of J-Chan’s Designs, was honored to receive 1st place in the 15-17 age category of the Young Americans Bank’s annual Celebration of Young Entrepreneurs in 2007. Rowell received a $1,000.00 check towards her business as well as a mentorship with Richard Lewis, President and CEO of RTL Networks, Inc.

The Celebration of Young Entrepreneurs is a business competition for Colorado entrepreneurs ages 6 to 21. The winners in each category not only receive a $1,000 check, but they are also paired with an adult entrepreneur who then serves as a friend and mentor for a year. Lewis and Jessica Rowell earned the amazing opportunity to learn more about one another and their growing businesses.

At the age of 14, Rowell discovered her passion for costuming and made her first costume debut at a local convention in 2004. Rowell established her online costume commissioning business, JChan’s Designs, soon after. J-Chan’s Designs is described as the recreation of Japanese animation and video game characters in a “unique process of translating 2-D artwork into a 3-D design.”

At a glance, RTL Networks, Inc., an IT solutions company, and J-Chan’s Designs may not appear to be similar. However, as the owners of customer-driven small businesses the two entrepreneurs are not too dissimalar. “What he has knowledge in is what I lack in,” said now 18-year-old Jessica Rowell. Both Lewis and Rowell were excited to learn about one another’s businesses, despite there differences. During this mentorship, both Jessica Rowell and Richard Lewis look forward to sharing their experiences as their business continue to grow.

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