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2008 – RTL In The Community

2008 – RTL In The Community

Paying It Forward Pays Off

RTL Networks, Inc. In The Community

Denver, CO, May 23, 2008- Regarding the key to their success, many entrepreneurs may thank their education, family or maybe even good old fashioned luck. It is not as often that small business owners acknowledge the special everyday people that may have also contributed to their success, the community. Richard Lewis, president and CEO of RTL Networks, Inc. has made his company’s involvement and contribution to the community a fundamental element of their operations.

Some businesses only serve in their community to increase revenue or tax cuts, often missing the greater good in serving its community. However, with the intentions of making the world a better place and providing youth with the tools they need for success, RTL Networks, Inc. is definitely paying it forward. “Paying it forward” refers to the concept of repaying any good deed received, by doing something for someone else without expecting anything in return.

In elementary school, the Lewis family was told that Richard had a learning disability. Richard’s family was discouraged from expecting him to do as well as the other children. Clearly, Lewis was misdiagnosed as he has excelled not only in his education but also his career and his multi-million dollar company.

Richard Lewis has since been concerned with how many futures have been lost or failed to approach their potential having faced such educational opposition, as he did as a child. As a result, Lewis has developed a passion for the community’s youth, to which he has dedicated his sponsorship but most importantly his time.

Richard Lewis is determined for RTL Networks, Inc. to be a social and intellectual asset to the community and the environment. Lewis has volunteered for, sponsored and donated to a number of local organizations devoted to youth, education and related business.