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2011 – Richard Lewis Joins Economic Advisory Council

2011 – Richard Lewis Joins Economic Advisory Council

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Richard Lewis Joins Economic Advisory Council

Denver, Colorado, September 29, 2011 – President and CEO of RTL Networks, Inc., Mr. Richard Lewis has been appointed to the Economic Advisory Council for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City serves the Tenth Federal Reserve District which includes Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Colorado and northern New Mexico and the members of the council are business and labor representatives selected from throughout the District.

The purpose of the advisory council is to provide guidance to the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank headquarters and its branches in Denver, Oklahoma City and Omaha. Richard Lewis will lend his expertise and geographic perspective to advise the Federal Reserve Bank on the economic climate relevant to our region.

“The development of sound monetary policy is essential for our region and our nation. It is an honor to serve with such an esteemed group to assist in this process and ensure economic conditions from our community are considered.”RICHARD LEWIS, PRESIDENT AND CEO

In 1913, the Federal Reserve was established by congress as a response to financial panic, bank failure and business bankruptcies. Throughout history, the Federal Reserve Bank contributes to policy and regulatory oversight while aiming to assure financial institutions, central bank colleagues and the public to have trust and confidence in the Federal Reserve Bank System. The Economic Advisory Council meets twice a year with the Kansas City Federal staff to offer insight on the regional economy.