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2008 – Richard Lewis 9News Leader of the Year Finalist

2008 – Richard Lewis 9News Leader of the Year Finalist

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Richard Lewis 9News Leader of the Year Finalist

Denver, Colo., April 17, 2009- Every year the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation, 9NEWS and the Colorado Leadership Alliance, team to acknowledge an emerging leader in the community of Colorado with the 9NEWS Leader of the Year Award.This year, President and CEO of RTL Networks, Inc., Richard Lewis, was recognized as a finalist for the 2009 9News Leader of the Year award.

The award was given at the Bridging the Future: Colorado Leadership Alliance Luncheon on April 2, 2009. More than 700 business and community leaders from across Colorado attended this annual event. Each year the award winner is featured on 9NEWS and 9News.com following the event.

Richard Lewis has made a great impact on the community with his support, involvement and volunteer work. Mr. Lewis serves on several boards and committees, is vice chair of the Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce and has sponsored and supported numerous fundraisers and events, as well as state and national political campaigns.

Richard Lewis believes that the business community has a responsibility to speak out and be involved with initiatives brought forth which will affect the community and small business. It is for this reason, that Mr. Lewis takes great effort to help communicate the various impacts of legislation. Political and economic initiatives actively supported by Richard Lewis include the support of Amendments C and D, as well as the WIRED initiative and the opposition to Amendment 46.

Based in Denver, RTL Networks Inc. is a certified technology company, focused on helping customers leverage technology to meet business objectives. RTL Networks, Inc. delivers a full range of products and services focused on helping its Department of Defense, Federal government and commercial customers meet their business objectives, increase productivity and maximize performance and security of their operational assets.